If your current graphics are fading, have created a new and improved logo, or are selling your vehicle, you’re going to need to remove your graphic. Even though wrap tech installs graphics to last, we are also more than prepared to remove them whenever requested- just as flawlessly as they were put on.

There are a few options on how to remove vinyl, and Wrap Tech is prepared to assess and remove your graphic according to the surface, material, and lifespan of your window or vehicle wrap.

  • Chiselling

    Pulling your graphic off is the most simple way to go about removing it. But even the youngest of graphics seldom come off without a tool. Plastic razor blades can be used to get under the corner of the graphic enough for large parts of it to be entirely pulled off. However, if you graphic is older, it may come off in little pieces which would then require us to heat up the surface with a heat gun to loosen the adhesive and allow for complete removal.

  • Adhesive Residue Remover

    Whether your graphic was removed in large pieces or brittle dust, we will most likely come across adhesive residue from the graphic glue. This is where the use of adhesive remover comes in, which attacks the chemical bond of the adhesive and allows us to wipe off all trace of the graphic entirely.

  • Power Tools

    If you’re dealing with a heavy duty graphic on a fleet or building, you may need a tool that’s more vigorous and efficient than a razor blade. Power tools such as Power Stripe Eliminator and MBX Vinyl Zapper blow the vinyl graphic off of the surface without stripping the paint off.