Signs & Banners

A company’s name and logo are the physical and tangible association with your brand that people will remember- if it’s powerful. The only way your audience will recall your logo or company’s name for days, weeks, or years to come is if you’re marketing yourself powerfully and strategically.

If a company decides on a banner to advertise a specific message, typically they will decide on what target market they are initially attempting to appeal to. Taglines and catchphrases are ideal for banners because receivers process messages peripherally rather than centrally- meaning it’s unusual for humans to make the effort to comprehend massive amounts of information. The main purpose of your banner advertisement is to ensure you catch the  reader’s eye, and snag a spot in their memory for days or weeks to come.

The sign or banner that  your company sports will be what triggers potential customers to remember your brand for the service that they need. Every company, no matter how small, needs this initial marketing tool to keep their brand awareness present in their markets. Whether the banner or sign is to advertise the outside of your business, promotion specials or events, wrap tech has your company covered.

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