A message that is larger than life is difficult to ignore. Wrap Tech makes it possible for your message to be delivered on a platform no matter how large (or small.) We are more than equipped to install anything from a small logo to a expansive sign or banner. With extensive experience under our belt, we’re able to install graphics of any size seamlessly onto walls or barricades and remove it without any leftover residue or markings.

At Wrap Tech, we can print already established logos or content, or create custom designs that are created specifically to adhere to each client’s marketing goals. If our client chooses the latter, we make sure to get your complete approval before sending the design off to be proofed. At this point in production, we review the dimensions, colors, and other measurements to make sure your graphic is in top quality for printing.

Once the digital content is complete, the graphic is printed on vinyl, laminated, and applied to your vehicle, wall, window, or fleet with strong adhesive backing. Though the adhesive is powerful, it’s entirely heat sensitive so we are able to adjust or remove until your graphic is perfect.