Wall Wraps

Vehicle graphics are an essential marketing tool for mobile advertising. Just by running errands or attending to company affairs, you are optimizing your brand awareness to both your target audiences and unaware consumers. Wrap Tech is exceptionally experienced in this field, therefore we offer a multitude of services within the vehicle graphics category.

  • Vehicle Wraps

    Considering how much time people spend in their cars, investing in a on-the-go billboard advertisement is a valuable way to reach optimum brand recognition for your mobile audiences. Also known as car wraps, vehicle wraps cover the entirety of your car and are the closest thing you can get to a new custom paint job- that gets the image of your company out to the public. The potential brand exposure of Wrap Tech’s car wraps are virtually unlimited as you are marketing at all times- even when commuting to other affairs. Durable and protective, vehicle wraps can last up to 5 years and protect the body of your car from harsh weather conditions and minor blows to the exterior.  Wrap Tech provides a flawless and efficient installation of your customized car wrap so you can get driving quick and start advertising your brand.

  • Custom Stickers

    If you want a subtle but apparent indication to your company, a custom bumper sticker could be just the graphic you need to increase your brand awareness without over reaching on your marketing budget. Wrap Tech creates custom designs that can catch the eye of someone speeding by- even on a bumper sticker.

  • Magnetic Signs

    For short-term advertising, a magnetic sign may be the most efficient option for getting your brand message and information out there. Typically fit to fill the space of one car door, magnetic signs are the perfect size to disclose your company’s name, slogan, logo and contact information. Easily removable, magnetic signs are also ideal to outsource special promotion deals and sales  that are time sensitive advertising for your company.

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