Window Graphics

Window graphics are a necessity in today’s digital age to keep your brand awareness optimized and present to competitors. Whether the graphic be a simple logo or detailed information about your company, Wrap Tech ensures a quick and quality installation.

To ensure maximum quality, Wrap Tech will install when the weather isn’t too warm,  thoroughly clean your window with glass cleaner, apply graphic with a dry application and back it onto your window surface flawlessly. Although our graphics will endure harsh weather conditions, they are ready to be seamlessly removed any time per your request.

For storefront businesses with spacious surfaces, we recommend full window wraps that not only advertise your business to people or vehicles passing by, but provide an element of privacy to your business as well. There are three main types of window graphics that Wrap Tech can provide for you.

  • Window Decals

    Window decals are essentially a wall sticker or vinyl that are cut and applied to windows for informational or advertising purposes. If your window graphics are colorful, we digitally print them instead and then proceed to mask the vinyl for installation. Window decals are especially beneficial because you can mix up your media and go with a logo, text, and graphic all in one.

  • Etched and Sandblasted Windows

    For interior purposes such as conference rooms or offices, sandblasted or etched windows can add a flair of professionalism and allure. They’re immediately recognizable because of their forsted-like color and etched surface.  Typically, these types of window graphics are used for logo printing and lettering.

  • Window Wraps

    Full window wraps cover the entirety of your window surface and can be a powerful advertising tool. For the added benefit of privacy, opaque window wraps make it so people aren’t able to see inside your building. On the contrary, perforated wraps are more translucent and allow passersby to see the inside of your business. Whichever type of window graphic you choose, Wrap Tech guarantees advertising success, stress-free installation, and unsurpassable quality and service.

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